Creating a safer world Integrated security systems X-Ray Scanners Metal Detectors Liquid Inspection Epidemic Control

Security Systems Creating a safer word X-Ray Scanners Metal Detectors Substance Detectors Epidemic Control

Slide PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS Baggage Inspection Single and double view X-ray scanners. Computerized Tomography Systems and Mobile Scanners to inspect all types of Packages, Packages, Suitcases, Mail and Pallets, specially designed for Airports, Events, Public Buildings and more. + INFO Scanners de Rayos X Slide PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS Human Body Inspection Solutions to inspect the Human Body, Metal Detectors, X-Ray and Millimeter Wave Scanners specially designed for Airports, Customs, Government Buildings and more. + INFO Slide PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS Epidemic Control Body Temperature Control and Disinfection:

Thermographic Cameras
Sanitizing Cabins
Access Control Equipment
+ INFO camara-termografica
Slide PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS Cargo Inspection Mobile and fixed inspection systems for Vehicles and Containers and Air Cargo, specially designed for Customs, Border Ports and more. + INFO Slide PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS Detection of explosives Identifies the presence and type of traces of explosive and narcotic substances that can be taken from the sampling of suitcases, vehicles and even individuals. + INFO New Layer Slide PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS Liquid inspection Equipment capable of detecting flammable, explosive and erosive liquids, as well as non-explosive precursors, reliably, accurately, efficiently, safely and economically. + INFO Inspección de Líquidos


More than 20 years guarantee our quality and commitment, reaching countries with the highest safety standards.

NUCTECH’s products and services are distributed in more than 170 countries and regions on five continents.


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NUCTECH ™ owns all intellectual property rights to key technologies, based on independent innovations, integrated innovations, and re-innovations.

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